Integrating Network Solutions to Win the Future Fight

Today’s military faces a complex set of challenges that will increase the need for flexibility, agility, and adaptation in order to overcome our potential adversaries. When it comes to evaluating our ability to succeed in the future fight we must prepare for the eventuality of peer threats whose electronic, cyber, and network capabilities will have the technology to hamper our own ability to communicate effectively.

Our leaders will require uninterrupted access to the wealth of intelligence, and information our Joint Services maintain and the ability to interpret it into common operating pictures that will enable their success. They will need to be mobile, connected, and able to evaluate the battlefield based on the full spectrum of information resources. The Department of Defense has demonstrated its commitment to the evolution of its network capabilities in many ways, but more readily apparent than any other is its allocation of resources in the upcoming budget.

With an estimated $38.5 billion for the Department of Defense to accomplish their modernization goals in 2017 the DoD will need to look at taking the requirements produced over the last several years, and evaluate how to operationalize or further develop commercial solutions that will help provide the tactical advantage.

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NETMOD 2017 provides a forum to examine and collaborate on major topics including:

Communication, Mission Command and Data access at the Tactical Edge

Modernization and movement from Localized Data Centers to Cloud Based Networks

Joint Information Enterprise Solutions to increase Accessibility and Reduce Deployment Logistics

Tactical Mobile and Wireless technology, VoIP Capabilities and App Based Systems

This venue will bring together thought leaders, Acquisition executives, industry solution providers, and academia in order to tackle some of the challenges that face this community in the near, mid, and far term fight.

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